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Rachel Dancsok Recording Artist
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S0A 0X0

Office #   1.306.745.3786

COMMENTS from Friends & Fans........

" Rachel, you're music continues to help & heal ! I needed this tonight- thank you sister ! Love you guys, Jodi "
Oh Rachel, that song was so heart filling. What a wonderful song & sung by you.   Audrey "
" What a true blessing you are ! Patricia "
" Your ministry will be a huge contribution to the conference "
" You have a heart of compassion for people. It is the presence of Jesus where ever you go. You do not only have a singing ministry but also an evangelism ministry.  People can feel the compassion.  Jesus moved with compassion and miracles happened. "
" You sang very well in both showcases !! "  Stage presence - Super !! "
' You did real well jamming tonight !! You are real " Country " !!  I love that !! Very powerful & getting stronger all the time.  Once they hear you they will love you !  I know I do !! "
" You are the best Country Gospel Singer I know !  Thanks for sharing your gift . "   Barb

" Thank you for the wonderful concert that you put on in Churchbridge, SK, I really enjoyed the music and the way that you lifted us up in worship . "  Karen

“Rachel, I love your singing and have been listening to the CD often!  You have gone along way with your singing and I hope you will continue for a long time!  Thank you again and God Bless you richly!” – Dorothy

“Rachel so proud of you.  You’re the best in my book.  You deserve those awards for using the gifts God gave you to glorify Him. Love ya & God Bless” – Dusty


“Rachel’s lifestyle of worship is a key factor in drawing others into the presence of God. My choice of worship minister has been Rachel ever since the Lord brought us together 4 years ago. We have partnered in women’s ministries seminars, prayer concerts and church worship and outreach. Rachel was also leader at one church we pastured. Her ministry carries a David anointing. Just as David played the harp and the evil spirit left Saul, when Rachel plays and sings, people’s emotions and spirits are soothed by the Word she delivers in songs. Rachel is often accompanied by her husband Darwin in music ministry.”

Susan Harris, itinerant speaker


I really enjoyed your first #.  The minor key, and the beat moved me.  Outstanding!  

 Thank you for the wonderful concert! from Minitonas, MB.

   Hi Rachel,

“I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your music and enjoyed you. I really enjoyed singing with you at the jam. I wish you lived closer to me.

I was so honest when I said I enjoyed your trio with Claire and Steve. For me that song was truly the highlight for best harmony that I heard all week.

It was 100% and I loved it.”

Blessings on you and Darwin – Marilyn